At Moscarelli Media, we build integrated marketing campaigns. We draw from  years of Direct Response Television and social media content strategy.  We are adept at content creation, as well as media and brand strategies, across multiple platforms both online and offline.

We can help you grow your  brand awareness, social media universe and online relevance. We create, measure, manage and guide our clients into integrated campaigns custom designed for their unique needs and resources.

Lisa Moscarelli



Video usage online is exploding and according to forecasts the number of online video consumers is expected to quadruple by 2015 to a staggering 1.5 billion monthly unique viewers. In today’s consumer driven market, web videos must engage future customers, expose your brand properly, and allow you to create a personal connection that leads to a sales conversion.

  • Strategic video content production
  • Video production for education
  • Corporate/(website sizzle reels) video production
  • Social Media Video
  • TV Production

VIDEO & creative


“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.”
— Jeff I. RichardsAt Moscarelli Media, we are experienced, professional marketing & video production consultants. We have over 15 years of experience in DRTV, TV News and web video production. We have created Telly Award Winning TV commercials and marketing videos on both the local and national level. Our productions have helped raise millions of dollars for non-profits and faith based services. We are involved from start to finish, creating concepts, scriptwriting, music composition, casting, matching you with the right director and beyond to produce your TV commercials, optimized web videos that call viewers to action.

  • Television Commercial Production
  • Direct Response TV Advertising
  • TV Political Ads
  • Social Media Video campaigns
  • Corporate Branding Videos
  • Internal Branding Corporate Videos
  • Corporate Instructional & Training Videos
  • Educational Instructional Videos
  • Faith Based Video Production
  • Music Production



At Moscarelli Media we draw from over 15 years experience in media selling, media buying and media production and branding strategy to work for you. We go far beyond just creating the right message. Our proprietary analysis methodology is designed to closely dissect the marketing battles you’re winning and losing in order to devise the right battle plan. We then can create comprehensive marketing strategies online and offline that are integrated, practical, sustainable and customized for your resources.



In today’s attention deficit world. You have to be strategic and intentional with exposing your brand and telling your story. Brand strategy is just as important as logos, websites, and slogans. Today, you grab your customer’s attention by listening and inviting them to have a relationship with you. Your brand must come to life through the voices and faces of your friends and fans. Let us help you resuscitate your existing brand or “midwife” your new brand into existence.

  • Message Discovery & Unification
  • Internal Branding Support
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Print & Graphic Design



At Moscarelli Media we can go into your business and identify just how well your customers are experiencing your brand and just how well your team is presenting your brand. We find the weak spots and help you improve your internal and external communication, boost moral and have invigorated employees interacting with your customers. We can help you step back and “future proof” your business. We can identifying what procedures, team members and marketing plans will not only help you survive but thrive in the future.